I really don't like talking about myself...

...but I'm the product of a Brooklyn dad, a Virginian mom, and so many adolescent theater classes. I'm a lover of architecture, tap dancing, greek yogurt, HBO, and creating cool things.

So obviously, I'm an art director living in New York City.

My education was as unconventional as myself; In preschool, I wore a yellow bow every day that my teacher would put in her desk drawer for “safe keeping”– an act of either preemptive queer protection or a reminder of our ridiculously rigid binary society, we'll never know.


Freelancing in NYC


Cannes Future Lions, Volvo LiGuard- 2023, Shortlist
One Club ADC, Grin - 2023, Shortlist
One Club ADC, Baboon to the Moon - 2023, Shortlist
Atlanta Addy Awards, Sharpie Favors the Bold- 2023, Bronze
Clio Entertainment Emerging Creative, Prime Dive - 2022, Shortlist


Miami Ad School Portfolio Program - Art Direction
Emerson College BFA - Theater and Performance