Jacob Freedgood


I'm a graduate of Emerson College, with a unique mix of classes in communications, business and theater. I have addition training in digital marketing and media production. This unique mix of creative and logistical experiences, have given me an exciting skillset in media and communications.

I am a proficient video producer, developing eye catching media and graphics in Adobe Premiere and After Effects. I have experience in color correction, audio mixing, multi-camera editing and motion graphics.

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ResumePortfolioJacob as a child painted like a tiger
Design example from HOM website prototype.

My path to marketing and media results from my progression from the performing arts into business and my desire to share a passion for communicating using a variety of platforms and methodologies.

I will to bring my energy and creativity to all your marketing and communications needs. I am driven and passionate, and I would love for you to take a look at my resume and portfolio to see some of my work!

Not only that, I'm also knowledgable digital marketer, understanding key tactics, channels and platforms such as email, SEO, paid search, and social media.

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I'm also a skilled visual user interface designer, understanding layout, typography, font and imagery.

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Hi! I'm Jake!

I'm a an Art Director and Creative who believes in creating beautiful things to solve common problems.

I grew up a theater kid with the hope of one day gracing Broadway. I didn't quite end up on Broadway, but landed in an industry just as flashy and fabulous.